allan tegg cupcakeThe cupcakes of my childhood were basically a hunk of heavy dough, covered in pink icing.  A little edible silver ball made of sugar was placed in the middle of the icing, to give that party feel.

I can never remember anyone saying, 'Yumm, cup cakes. Let me get into these!'

My sense is that the cupcake disappeared. Possibly the time came when all the mothers looked at a plate of cupcakes, sitting next to the chocolate crackles, and thought, 'We can't keep doing this to our kids.'   They stopped baking them.

In my interview with Wayne from the Booth Street Bistro (see The Thinking Person's Cake Man), he proposed the interesting, and possibly controversial, prediction that  the carrot cake would make a comeback.  He thought the revivalist carrot cake would include a twist. Maybe it would include a caramel filling. 

I need to go back and talk to Wayne about the cupcake.  They are back! They are everywhere, and fancy as anything. No event is complete without an array of cup cakes.  The above picture was taken recently at a 60th birthday party.  

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