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allan tegg shaxi3      Tea and Horse CaravanTrail Inn

       Sideng Market Square


        Yunnan Province



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allan tegg archway cafe1The Archway Theatre is a small playhouse under the light rail as it crosses Jubliee Park at Glebe.












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allan tegg freud conference 3

This year marks the hundredth aniversary of Freud's papers,'The Unconscious' and 'Mourning and Melancholia.'  The Sydney Institute of Psychoanalysis recently celebrated this occassion with papers by Dr Ron Spielman and Dr Paul Schimmel.

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allan tegg egirdir turkeyBaba Keyf Cafe Restaurant
Egirdir 32500

The hill is pretty steep, and you are certainly not climbing for the food, the coffee or the cake.
It is all about the view. 


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allan tegg carrot cakeIn my recent interview with Wayne of the Booth Street Bistro he said that he believed the Carrot Cake would make a comeback. Sure enough, the Bistro is currenly selling a Carrot with Walnut Cake.


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allan tegg cupcakeThe cupcakes of my childhood were basically a hunk of heavy dough, covered in pink icing.  A little edible silver ball made of sugar was placed in the middle of the icing, to give that party feel.

I can never remember anyone saying, 'Yumm, cup cakes. Let me get into these!'

My sense is that the cupcake disappeared. Possibly the time came when all the mothers looked at a plate of cupcakes, sitting next to the chocolate crackles, and thought, 'We can't keep doing this to our kids.'   They stopped baking them.

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allan tegg fursts salzburg

Cafe Konditorei Furst
Getreidegasse - 47 - 5020 Salzburg

Confectioner Paul Furst created the Mozart Ball in 1890.  He initialy named it the Mozart Bonbon.


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It seems others have also picked up the psychoanalytic undertones of Pink Floyd's music. See my previous blog.

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allan tegg bubkaIn German and Yiddish, Bubbe is the name for grandmother.

Traditionally it was the grandmother who took the  left over challah dough, mixied it with raisins and cinnamon and made a delicious treat for Shabbath.


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allan tegg muffinMartha and the Muffins Vs. Cake.

New Wave Canadian band, Martha and the Muffins, had only one hit, Echo Beach, in 1980.  The song was unusual for the time as it featured two female lead singers. The band chose its name to differentiate itself from the more agressive Punk bands of the era.

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Booth Street Bistro

The Booth Street Bistro, Annadale, Sydney, Australia.

This is the first of a periodic series of interviews with the world's cake-makers.  Today's interview is with Wayne Borgese-Coom, chef and owner of the Booth Street Bistro.


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allan tegg kas turkeyWhen Miss Lovy collapsed into her chocolate addiction, Isak Brodsky cut his hands badly endlessly shelling roasted chestnuts for chocolate-dipped Sweet Chestnuts.

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Immersed in Cake-analysis,  Isak Brodsky became well versed in assessing the cause of a person's suffering.  Was it rooted in deep trauma, or was it was simply the pain of daily living. As Isak said, 'Some people should be sad.  They are going through difficult times. Same with anger.'  

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allan tegg Istanbul display2

Isak Brodsky was appalled when he realised that his cake shop display window unconsciously expressed the terror of living in the Russian Pale of Settlement. 'A product of unresolved trauma, the display communicated a feeling of biliousness, rather than the pleasure of eating a cake,' he said.

'The window was so stuffed that you could not tell where the Rigo Jancsi Chocolate Mousse Cake  finished, and the Dobos Torte began,' Isak continued.  

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All those years spent with my novel, 'The Interpretation of Cakes', bent my mind into some strange places.  What is the psychologically of cakes in popular music?  What do cake references reveal about the band, and the listener?  I must admit that the exploration was uniquely frustrating. Rock stars are cagey when it comes to exposing their emotions.

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Isak Brodsky cronut allan teggwould have been thrilled if Hershko Kubrinszky had concluded his Cake-analysis with a Cronut.  When Hershko first entered Brodsky's Fine Cakes and Biscuits, he was an angry, intimidating man, unable to own his vulnerability.


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allan tegg cafe Fazil Beyin

Fazil Bey'in Turk Kahvesi
Kadikoy, Istanbul.

A fun night out in Istanbul begins with a tram ride from the Blue Mosque to Eminonu, followed by a ferry to the bustling suburb (a tautology in Istanbul) of Kadikoy.


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New York Cafe1

The New York Cafe

1073 Budapest,

Erzsebet KRT. 9-11

In 1915, Isak Brodsky underwent a deep psychological transformation at the New York Cafe.  Without the sensitive staff of New York Cafe, Cake-analysis would have withered and died - or at least expired two years earlier. 

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The Pan Thankin Teahouse
22nd Street
Mandalay, Myanmar

The teahouses of Myanmar are the social centres of Burmese cities. The rough, open air cafés provides the traveller with an experience that complements the Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, the temples of Bagan and drifting around Inle Lake.  The cheeky young serving boys add to the charm.

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KuK Hofbackerei

k.u.k Hofbäeckerei
Pfarrgasse 17
4020 Linz Austria

Straddling the Danube, about 200 kilometres west of Vienna, Linz is Austria’s third city Adolf Hitler’s favourite town, he built the massive iron and steel works that define much of the city’s character.

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allan tegg market daik

The Central Market

Daik, Lingga Island


One of the world's great cycling tours, one which is fortunately rarely ridden, is through the Riau Islands, south of Singapore.

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